Living With Cancer

World Affairs Television in association with the Cedars Cancer Institute presents Living with Cancer. This one-hour special will feature the heartfelt yet inspirational stories of champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, hockey legend Jean Beliveau, and Alexia Calvillo (wife of Canadian Football League star quarterback Anthony Calvillo).Additionally Grammy nominated recording artist Rufus Wainwright and his mother singer/entertainer Kate McGarrigle are also on hand to speak of their experiences with living with cancer.

Facing testicular cancer and not yet knowing his own fate, 1997 champion cyclist Lance Armstrong established the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers people affected by cancer. This marked the beginning of Lance’s role as an advocate for cancer survivors and a world representative for the cancer community.

One of the world’s best cyclists at the age of 25, Lance’s competitive nature helped him confront his diagnosis head-on as he called himself not a cancer victim, but a cancer survivor. As a record-holding seven time winner of the Tour de France, Lance’s story gives hope and strength to people affected by cancer.

A leading advocate for cancer survivors, Lance was appointed to serve on the United States President’s Cancer Panel, an advisory group that reports directly to the President about Americans and cancer, for two consecutive terms.

With his continued involvement with the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the cancer community, Lance serves as a constant reminder that in the battle with cancer, unity is strength, knowledge is power, and attitude is everything.

Filmed during the Cedar’s Cancer Heroes night with Lance Armstrong and Friends, “Living with Cancer” will give viewers a intimate perspective of how cancer is dealt with in everyday situations (by extraordinary individuals), and how they bounced back.

This one hour special will serve as an introduction as to what the series will offer. World Affairs Television, responsible for such series as The Editors, The Producers, The Directors, World i Review, This Week In Canada, Power Brokers, Medically Speaking, The Economist Business Challenge, Future File, Media Almanac, This Week in Business, The World Business Summit, Vue Global, Playwrights and Screenwriters, Terrorism, Le Guerre Froide, Redacteur en Chef, Public Policy, Literati, Performances, and The Cold War Remembered for PBS, CBC, TV5, RDI, and BRAVO!, presents another breakthrough series which will focus on living with cancer. The series will be punctuated with the remarkable stories of courage and humanity.

The Cedars Cancer Institute is a hospital-based charity that supports comprehensive cancer care and funding to patients and healthcare professionals specifically the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal General Hospital and through its Sarah Cook Fund at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Since its inception in 1966, the Cedars Cancer Institute has raised more than $29 million in much needed funds to purchase state of the art oncology equipment, improve facilities for treatment and care of cancer patients, offer cancer patients and their families free psycho-social, practical and humanitarian assistance through its Cedar CanSupport program, support cancer research, provide fellowship for visiting professors and improve public awareness of cancer related issues through lectures and education.

The series will also feature inspirational stories from high profile cancer survivors such as Melissa Etheridge, Olivia Newton John, Suzanne Sommers, Sandra Day O’Connor, Shirley Temple Black, Mark Servant Schreiber, Scott Hamilton, Lance Armstrong, hockey stars Jean Beliveau and Saku Koivu, Steve Jobs, and Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lester.

Furthermore, the series will also feature medical segments displaying the latest breakthroughs in cancer medicine each week with a renowned doctor i.e. Dr. Taguchi (world renown prostate cancer specialist), in addition to dealing with a different kind of cancer every week: Lung and respiratory system, stomach and digestive system, Brain, Testicular and genital, Breast, Uterine, Skin and melanomas, Leukemia, Throat and mouth, Infantile and Bone. The series will also feature “streeters” with passerby/cancer surviviors in the street and at home. Hosted by World Affairs producer/writer Carl Harris (community worker with Monkland Community Center).

Networks already expressing interest include PBS, The Canadian Learning Channel, Astral Media, and NPR Radio.

As quoted by PBS’ Mountain Lake WCFE “Living with Cancer” is timely and highly informative programming that Mountain Lake PBS will consider for broadcast via one or more of their broadcast channels. The topic is one we feel to be of interest and importance to our audiences in New York, Vermont, and Quebec. We believe that the program will meet or exceed PBS standards for excellence in broadcasting as well as meeting the networks technical standards.

For additional information contact Executive Producer Larry Shapiro at World Affairs Television Productions at (514) 739-4293 or