Ici Canada/This Week In Canada

From award-winning producers of The Editors

The Editors, Weekly Review of US/Canadian Relations "Best Series about Canadian politics and cutlture"
--The Editors, Jim Bawden, Toronto Star

ICI Canada/This Week In Canada, a weekly review of top business, political and current-events stories of the week in Canada, using news clips from Canadian news aimed at Canadian snowbirds in the US via the PBS network. This weekly series of Canadian news was well received by its target audience of Canadians wintering and the many Canadian ex-pats living in Arizona, California, Nevada, Florida and Texas.

ICI Canada/This Week In Canada, is a great opportunity for Canadian news to reach Canadian audiences in the United States seeking Canadian and International and business news from a Canadian perspective, delivered by a trusted and authoritative Canadian voice. It also presents a chance for Canadian news to reach a large audience of American viewers over the PBS network and highlight Canadian news’ talent in addition to helping to explain Canadian stories to an educated American audience. Complementing and building on the success of the BBC World NIghtly News on PBS ICI Canada/This Week In Canada is a perfect companion news package for an information demanding audience. Additionally, many PBS stations would like to know if a daily version is possible.

ICI Canada/This Week In Canada this coming season plans to become available in all countries in the Commonwealth which include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and the Caribbean countries. This is a great opportunity to reach an international audience interested in Canadian and world affairs.

Featuring a strong Canada-U.S. relations viewpoint, the series will not only feature economic overviews and news updates, but also a fun fact question of the week for the audience in the form of “Did you know...” will also be presented informing audiences of some little known, forgotten or greatly overlook at a pivotal point in Canada’s history, be it political, historical, sport. An Economic and Polical viewpoint will also be featured.

ICI Canada/This Week In Canada will inform, educate, and entertain audiences abroad about the the latest happenings in Canada, its effect on the U.S. and the world.